Lemon Water Recipe & Pure Benefits
How to make Lemon Water

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Weight Loss, Essential Vitamins and Minerals, tons of Vitamin C - Detox your body today bye drinking lemon water in the each mornings. You will feel better!
Drinking Lemon water when you wake up is proven to cleanse your digestive tract if done regularly. Defend your body from free radicals and detox the 70% of your immune system found in the gut. Drink lemon water when you get up and feel confident - see our Recipe
Lemon Water Detox
Drinking a daily glass of lemon water really may be one of the best pure and natural methods of detoxifying your liver. Lemon stimulates the production of bile and actually thins the bile that leaves the liver. Once the bile in the liver has been thinned; bile is able to move more rapidly to the small intestine. The key ingredient in Lemon which provides a the detox element to your body is known as "D-Limonene". Keep in mind that a higher concentration of D-Limonene is found in the skin or peel of the Lemon itself intend of the inner fruit. D-Limonene acts as a powerful antioxidant  with the ability to help remove sludge in the intestinal tract. Our gut houses literally 70% of our immune system. Lemons in water helps regulate and stimulate the digestive system, which in turn, helps with gas, heartburn, and constipation. The thin bile made by the liver breaks down fatty lipids that end up in the stomach and intestine.  
Adding Ginger to lemon Water
Adding finely grated finer root to your lemon water recipe is a surefire way to alter the flavor if you want to spruce the drink up occasionally. A small amount of ginger root grated into the water goes a long way. Ginger settles the tummy and also aids in detox and the digestion process.Ginger has a slightly spicy flavor and trying a sample first may make the most sense.

Adding Mint to you Lemon Water recipe 
Adding mint leave to your lemon water recipe can also help your body detox. If your stomach is tight and cramping, then Mint leaves in your lemon water may help relax your stomach and ease digestion. Mint has been known for centuries for its wonders in helping with digestion after food consumption. Mint leaves taste amazing in your lemon water recipe and also help the bile travel from your liver to your gall bladder, and eventually to the small intestine. Add whole leaves to water.
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